Oriental Rug Service
The finest in Oriental Rug Care Since 1835
      About Us:
      Established in 1835, McDowell’s Rug
      Service is a Baltimore landmark known as
      a leader in the Oriental Rug Business.  The
      showroom first opened on Charles Street
      in downtown Baltimore.  Founder Robert
      McDowell began selling rugs brought to
      Baltimore by Clipper Ships.  It wasn’t long
      before Robert  McDowell’s interest and
      knowledge in the oriental rug business,
      along with contacts all over the world,
      earned him a reputation as a leader in
      sales, restoration, and appraisals of fine
      oriental rugs.  

      In time, McDowell’s  & Co. also featured eighteenth century furniture from Europe in addition to oriental rugs
      in the showroom.  However, as the business evolved through the decades, competition grew as more oriental
      rug dealers opened their doors.  Not all  rug dealers paid the same attention to craftsmanship.  Machine made
      rugs also changed the business dramatically.
Beginning with Robert McDowell, his
knowledge and expertise was passed
generation to generation in order to
maintain the high level of service
McDowell’s offers today.  Although,
McDowell’s has moved to a location in
suburban Baltimore and no longer sells
oriental rugs, the company excels in the
knowledge of well made and handmade
oriental rugs, and the ability to clean and
restore them to their original beauty.